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There is so much going on in that last gif. I can’t even list the number of emotions and thoughts that are flickering across his face but somewhere in there is a little bit of despair. He’s finally getting his life back on track and now the balance is upset again. And it should be a happy moment, but it’s more painful than anything because he doesn’t trust easily and Sherlock, the one person who should know better, is reinforcing why. The sad thing is, even once they get settled and Sherlock’s back for good, things still go off the rails once he finds out about Mary. How has this man not completely fallen apart yet? I think it’s coming. I think series 4 is going to hurt most of all because I think everything that’s bubbling under the surface in that third gif is going to come rushing out and none of them are going to be the same once it does.

He looks so hurt here.  It really sort of upset me that after John gave Sherlock that look, they went on to turn their reunion into a comedic scene.  How can you laugh when somebody’s got that much pain in them?

I was talking with somebody last night and realized how unhappy John is throughout S3.  Like, in S2 he was always so happy, even when he was ticked off or feeling hurt or terrified.  In S3, even when he’s at his happiest, there’s always something tensed and braced about him, like he’s always waiting for something to happen or for a blow to fall.

And sadder still is that he’s right.

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"First love is unrequited ultimately because it’s so huge. It’s such an act of giving and it requires so much back that it can never be given back. It’s like an atom bomb…It’s all the energy of who you are and who you want to be and what you love and what you hope to be explodes. It is impossible for a single…human being to offer that back to you in a mutual way."

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"But does it matter that two middle-aged men with very large platforms were sitting at a table pathologising teenage girls’ sexuality – and making a whole load of potentially harmful assumptions about a topic they know literally nothing about? Absolutely."

elizabethminkel wrote in newstatesman article, “Why it doesn’t matter what Benedict Cumberbatch thinks of Sherlock fan fiction

Finally, a mainstream media article that presents the human side of fandom, and talks about why it’s important to have alternative forms of media. 

I fangirl this woman so hard right now. 

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"Fan fiction, fan art, the way female fans celebrate what they love: this stuff isn’t a secret anymore – and it shouldn’t be a punch line anymore, either. It’s a big messy world full of amateur writing and unedited work, but it’s also got of some of the best fiction I’ve ever read, published or otherwise. You don’t have to participate in it to afford it even a modicum of respect. I’ll be the first to volunteer if you ever want to learn. But if you’re not interested in that, politely decline to answer. It’s easy to blame the celebrity, dragged into answering these questions. But really, the fault lies with the media. Please, please, please journalists: stop asking celebrities about fan fiction. Unless you’re having an in-depth conversation about fictional constructions of the actors’ personae (like the very one you’ll be presenting in your piece?), it serves no purpose. Non-fans likely don’t get it; fans think you look like a bully – because you are."

elizabethminkel on why it doesn’t matter what Benedict Cumberbatch thinks of Sherlock fanfiction. (via newstatesman)

I, like many of us, had some feelings about a certain interview this week…

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So say we all.

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John’s little face when he realizes Sherlock doesn’t know he’s John’s best friend is one of the worst things on the show


John’s little face when he realizes Sherlock doesn’t know he’s John’s best friend is one of the worst things on the show

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*fans self*

Lord Byron’s famous poem, “Sherlock Walks in Beauty”

Sherlock walks in beauty, like the night
Of cloudless climes and starry skies;
And all that’s best of dark and bright
Meet in his aspect and his eyes

I blabber on about this Byronic lark here.

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From here on in, the only famous person I want to hear talk about fanfiction and fanfiction writers is Steven Moffat.

Unless someone else says things about us in the same vein, tone, or territory as Steven Moffat’s affectionate, amused, and respectful commentary. I’m amendable to listening to…